Tardy Policy

Late Arrival

If you arrive with your child after their classroom has gone inside, please bring your child to the main entrance of your child’s building (Door 1 for the Main building, Door 13 for the Annex).  Arrival time will be recorded and your child will be walked to his/her classroom by a staff member.  

To ensure we keep accurate records, the attendance coordinator will enter arrival and dismissal times outside of the normal daily schedule. Your student will receive a tardy or half day absence depending on the amount of class time missed.

Please note that CPS policy requires a minimum number of instructional minutes for full and half day programs.  If your full day student misses 50 minutes of class (due to late arrival or early dismissal), that is considered a half day absence. The absence can be excused with one of the CPS Valid Causes for Absence listed in the Attendance Policy.