November 13, 2020

Quarter 2 Principal Newsletter

Hello Beard Families and Beard Bears!

We made it through the first quarter!   Report cards will be mailed to your homes this week and hopefully you receive them before parent/teacher conferences on November 18th. Your child’s teacher will send you a sign up genius to “meet” virtually with you on November 18th.   Per CPS policy, we are keeping track of parent contact, so teachers will still be verifying your receipt of your child’s grades next week. If there is a teacher or service provider that you would like to talk with, you can also reach out to them via email to set up a time.  All emails are found on our website, contacts page.  Don’t forget, Wednesday, November 18th is a non-attendance for students.  There will be no school that day so that teachers can meet with parents.

We still have many preschool families that have not picked up their Tiny Tunemaker bags.  It’s never too late to stop by and pick one up.  If you need to drop off forms at the school, pick your bag up for your child so that they can participate with the rest of the students in the classroom. 

You should have received your LSC ballot in the mail.  It comes in a self-addressed envelope that can be mailed back to the school.  Most importantly, you must sign the envelope and include your full name and address on the return label otherwise your vote will not count.  All ballots must be received at the school by November 18th in order to be valid. You can also stop by the school before November 18 to drop it off.   On November 18, the LSC Election will be held in the student lunchroom.  You can drop off your ballot in person or vote while you are here between 7AM-7PM at Door 1 (the main entrance).  If you want to be an informed voter, visit the www.beard.cps website --> Parents --> LSC to see the candidates’ statements.

In the email of this letter will be another letter from the Local School Council Office which will explain in detail how to vote the day of the election. In summary, all staff, parents and guardians can either vote in-person or by mail-in ballots.  Community members must vote in person. 

Along with this letter I am sending you CPS’s booklet called “Student Health & School Forms,” which you received at the beginning of the year.  I need for all families to return the Family Income Form back to the school.  You will find the Family Income Form on page 31, which must be printed out, filled in and returned back to the school.  This form provides our school with funding regardless if your child is approved for reduced lunch or not. 

If any of your personal information has changed, we ask that you fill out and return back to the school page 25, “Request for Emergency and Health Information.”  Send this completed form to the school by mailing it in or dropping it off. 

If you have not already done so, it is very important that you schedule a doctor’s appointment for your child to receive their immunizations and have a physical.  This documentation was due to the school on October 15.  Your child’s teacher will be talking to you about it during your parent teacher conference.  It makes our school non-compliant and at risk to loose needed funding.  Please schedule an appointment and email or fax over to us evidence of your appointment date, even if it’s in the future. 

The Annex project is currently underway.  Right now they are tuck pointing the main building and getting it ready for a brand new look.   This means that they grind out the mortar between all of the bricks and re-plaster everything back into place while repairing all of the damaged bricks.   Please excuse the dust and noise whenever you come to the building as this is a part of the construction process.  You will also notice that the parking lot fencing has been put up.     There is no parking inside of the construction site.  There is ample parking on the streets and within the neighborhood. 

Reporting a student absence: A direct phone call/voicemail to the school that communicates the date of the absence, the reason for absence, the absent student’s name, and the name of the person calling and their relationship to the student is required for an excused absence.

Please call 773-534-1228 to leave a voicemail and hit the attendance button option. 
If you need to pick up prepared meals, please visit Taft High School, they are the closest school to us providing meal services. 

CPS Meal Distribution ongoing!




Upcoming Events in November

Nov. 25-27 - Thanksgiving Holiday - No Classes for Students 

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