April 21, 2020

Hello Beard Families,

I hope all of you are keeping healthy and finding ways to cope with the news of this year’s school closure. None of this is easy for anyone, especially for our students. I want to say thank you to all the heroes that are helping us daily to get through this time.  To those people that have to report to work, thank you for everything that you do for us.  Whether you are an essential worker out in the world working to keep our way of life going, or helping those with the virus, or if you are teleworking from home holding down the fort, thank you for doing your part.  We are all in this together.  We are a community going through this hardship together. This is something that has never happened before, and we are all a part of history at this very moment in time.  This outbreak has caused me to be very reflective about the relationships that I have and  how much appreciate them.  It’s also made me realize how quickly our lives can change.  Each day, I tell myself, that this too shall pass, and it will.  We have to be patient and we have to try our best to stay safe and keep others safe.  Teach your children to practice social distancing of 6 feet apart, have them wear facial masks when going outside, and wash and sanitize their hands often. 

As we get full into the swing of remote learning through our Seesaw platform, I wanted to let you know that I am still working with CPS to obtain iPads for your children to use.  I will have more news to share around this by the end of this week. A huge “shout out” of thanks goes out to the Beard staff for coming together to provide instruction to your children on a platform they themselves have never used before.  It has taken time, but is coming together nicely.  There are going to be kinks along the way, but we will figure them out.   

Tomorrow, we will be having our parent teacher conferences.   Your child’s teacher should have sent you an invitation through “Sign Up” genius.  Student report cards are being mailed out to you from the district starting Monday, April 20th. You should be receiving your child’s K through 3rd grade report card at the address you have listed in our student management system, ASPEN. Please sign up for a time slot with your availability to discuss your child’s report cards.  Especially now, we need to remain in contact with you and remain a part of your child’s life.  All preschool parents should have received a link to access your child’s TSG progress card directly from the TSG platform.  Grades are only reflective up until March 16th, 2020. 

As soon as the preschool registration date in May opens up, we will begin advertising it on our website and through Classdojo.  IEP conferences are still being held virtually or over the phone.  For questions around your child’s IEP, please reach out to Cristina Keps, Beard’s case manager.  We also plan on rescheduling the 3rd grade transition and preschool transition meeting dates for parents to join us through a virtual meeting.  That will be coming in May.  We will continue to regularly communicate with you on Class Dojo.  If you are not on class dojo, ask your child’s teacher to send you an invitation so that you can regularly see updates and new information.  Be patient with us while we get used to working with technology in new ways we never have before.  If you do not have internet in your home, it’s being offered for FREE until the end of the school year.  Take advantage of this great opportunity, as I work to get an iPad into the hands of each of our students.  If you would like to virtually meet with me or speak with me over the phone, please email me mmlukic@cps.edu and I will send you a Google Meets invitation so that we can have a conference. 

Best Regards,

Manda Lukic, Principal of Beard School

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♦ Apr 21, 2020

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