Julie Pomerantz • Early Childhood Gym Teacher

Email: jrpomerantz@cps.edu


Education / Certifications:

B.S in Social/Emotional Disorders
B.S in Educable Mentally Handicaps Learning Behavior Specialist ( LBS)
M.S in Guidance Counseling
Early Childhood Endorsement


I have been at Beard School for 30 years. I have had many different roles in our school. I began in a self-contained classroom and was in that position for 22 years. Then I worked as our librarian, and began a program called " Literacy through Drama".

Currently, I'm our Early Childhood Physical Education teacher. This position has been very exciting for me. Being healthy is very important to me and I love sharing this passion with my students. My role also allows helping the children understand the connection between physical activity, nutrition, and overall health.

My most significant interest is riding my bicycle. I invested in an electric bike this year and ride it everywhere, whether permitting. I also love spending time with my two sons who are in Florida, for college. I also enjoy spending time with my significant other on his motorcycle exploring new places.

My favorite quote is very simple, " Never Give Up". I try often to instill this into my students with every activity we are engaged in.